The Syllabus Evolves…

…as I learn to “read” you and hear about what you’re interested in learning and writing. As I come to know more about your previous writing experiences, and as we explore the readings and exercises together, I’d like to make an adjustment in the assignments for next week.

I think we can move more quickly into the extended writing than I had anticipated. You are picking up the lessons of each class quite handily, as evidenced by the discussions and what I read on your blogs. Also, you read very very well indeed as writers. Let’s scrap, then, the second reading-as-a-writer piece and insert the ever-popular Stranger Studies in their stead. I’ve made the switch on the Assignments page .

I appreciate reading your posts about the learning journey–they do help me try to create opportunities for you to engage with and develop your writing.

Make sure you put next Sunday’s dinner on your calendars. Let’s say 5:30-7:30, January 20?