Posting Your Audio Files

The easiest way to post audio files to your blog is to upload them to (you have to join; it’s free) and then to create a link to your file there. Very simple and smooth. And then you’ll be able to link to it on your blog as I’ve done with Jen’s reading or create a player right on your post by following the directions here for embedding audio from the internet.

Try it!


If You’re Having Trouble Embedding Your Stories…

…you have to click on the CODE tab just above the EDITOR line above the text box when you post your entry.  Then copy the code from Flickr or Voicethread.

If you are trying to create a link and not embed code, then you write the title of your piece in the text box, highlight it, click on the link icon in the EDITOR line, copy the URL into the box and press save.  Voila.