Wednesday’s Word and a Few Other Words…

Hello All,

By now you are finding your way into your new semester, and that will mean it could be a struggle to continue a writing practice outside of class. But in my opinion, this is just when you need writing of the most creative sort most, to balance all that critical and analytical thinknig you’ll be asking your brains to do. So I hope that you’ll want to keep up with the 100 words, but I also hope you’ll branch out a bit as I am seeing a few of you doing, and playing around in other ways on your blogs.

Do you want to convene an informal writing group? Shall we, at the end of this month, come up with other kinds of blog-based writing games/prompts to keep us going? What do you want to do with these blogs?

Come take a look at what we’re doing at ENAM 170’s blog. Kyle (as student) and Alex (as tutor) represent you there (sorry Annabelle, that you couldn’t get into the class) and would, I am sure, love to have you read and respond, and, if you are active in your blogging, have your blogs added to the FRIENDS blogroll.

See you all next week in conference. Think about the ‘zine.