Friday Recap–100 Words & Multimedia

Many of you have started playing around with the 100 Words exercise; such interesting results from Cloe’s MAPS topic from Alex R, Aneliya, Annabelle, Cloe, Dickie, Jen, Jessica, Sally, Ting, and yours truly. I’m not sure what happened to the rest of you (I suppose Friday isn’t the best day to begin something during J-term…) but let’s really get moving now. I’m going to propose the second topic (We’ll go up the list instead of down as Dickie seems to have forgotten he was next, though he did write a second post.) Sunday’s topic is FURNITURE.

I very much enjoyed taking the multimedia writing tour with you all on Friday and having Will and Zoey share their tales of multimedia as contemporary creative nonfiction. What a time to be starting writing lives–ah, the smorgasbord of tools of expression, connection and publication available to you, tools that within your young hands, as you saw from the remarkable student work shown Friday, will yield astonishing results. Remember that for our modest project you can venture off screen and into comics, writing installations, mash-ups–whatever strikes a chord with you for this draft of a multimedia essay as long as you include text and/or a narrative voiceover within the piece.

New Feedback Groups:

Allie, Marietou, Dickie, Abishek

Ting, Annabelle, Jen, Sally

Jessica, Cloe, Aneliya, Ashleigh

Kyle, Alex R, Alex Y, Miriam

Looking forward to seeing everyone at my house this afternoon–meet at Adirondack Circle at 5:20.