Into Second Semester…and Thursday’s word

As we perhaps find ourselves rocked from our writing with the onslaught of new stimuli, new demands, new interests, it could well be challenging to keep the writing fires burning.  I’ll step in and say that today’s word is FIRE.


100 Words for Wednesday, from Alex

For some reason, Alex doesn’t have posting privileges (I will attend to that), but here’s his word for today: METAL.

Saturday’s word

From Ashleigh comes today’s word: BLISTERS.

Wednesday’s word becomes Thursday’s: Wednesday

Having been on the road without internet access for a full 24 hours, I was unable to post a topic.  We’ll collapse the two into one, yes?  Today’s word is Wednesday.

pre-emptive one hundred words for Friday

Hey all,
Because I’m going to be in transit for the next 12 hours, I was afraid I would forget to post the topic tomorrow morning. SO, in a preemptive strike on being forgetful, the topic for Friday’s 100 words will be (obviously): airports.

I’m curious to see what people come up with for such a “big” (read: airports are treasure troves for experiences to write about) topic in such a compressed form.

100 words for today

Hello everyone! Today’s topic is CLOCK^^

100 Words for Friday

Alex Y has set the word for the day: gyroscope.