Sunday’s 100 Words

The topic today is green


Saturday’s word

From Ashleigh comes today’s word: BLISTERS.

100 Words!

I’m sorry everyone!

I am now reconnected to civilization. It has been a hectic past few days.

The word for whatever day… I suppose for Friday… is “transition.”

I hope you are all enjoying the end of February break.

Wednesday’s word becomes Thursday’s: Wednesday

Having been on the road without internet access for a full 24 hours, I was unable to post a topic.  We’ll collapse the two into one, yes?  Today’s word is Wednesday.

Let’s just say that Tuesday is a topic-free day

Since so many (Cloe-today?) are on the road, battling the weather in attempts to get back to campus, why don’t we say that until Monday, if no topic reaches these pages by around 2 p.m. each day, then we can write our 100-words about anything we want.

100 words for monday

After the miraculous win by the Giants, I thought that there would be no better topic for today than victory… Have a fun week. 

100 Words For Sunday

Hey! I am posting this now because I leave early in the morning for New Orleans!

The word for Sunday is ……Standard