installations, among other things


Hi all,

So if you’d like to come by the studio space I have in Johnson to see what I’ve been working on (I think I’m moving towards calling it an experiment, rather than installation but terminology is secondary.) I’ll be in Studio 324 around noon. Unfortunately it’s not a public space so I have to lock it when I’m not actually using but if you’re curious, come check it out. The studio is in between the gallery and the men’s bathroom on the 3rd (main) floor. The funny thing about doing projects like this is that now I wish I had another three weeks to really make it work but it is what it is, so swing on by if you’d like. bg, hopefully I’ll get some photo’s to you tomorrow morning and I might be able to keep it up for the first couple of days of the spring semester (depending on when the senior who’s using it wants it). Have a great break, I myself am looking forward to some warmer weather.