Into Second Semester…and Thursday’s word

As we perhaps find ourselves rocked from our writing with the onslaught of new stimuli, new demands, new interests, it could well be challenging to keep the writing fires burning.  I’ll step in and say that today’s word is FIRE.


4 Responses

  1. My sweet daughters, both of fiery spirit

    Like their mother, love to argue for argument’s sake.

    They fly to flame. No, rather, they put bellows to cinder.

    They can’t help themselves. In some places, it is unseemly.


    Cruel even.

    In our home it is high art.

    We have, after all, been brought up to spar

    as though lighting the warming evening fire–

    All of us on our Irish side

    On the historian’s side–

    Valuing the slow burn of a perfectly

    Wrought argument

    As it throws sparks

    Across the table at hapless

    Guest, sibling or


    Igniting idea, conviction,


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  3. I’ve never lit a match, and I’ve never told anyone who has not responded with some sort of disbelief. It was just vaguely odd until about ninth grade, at which point it became a tradition. I could really do it now. Just hold it and strike, not so hard, not so dangerous. My 5-year-old cousin can do it. My sister taunts me with it. My friends want to be my first audience. I can’t, but not because it’s lighting a match anymore. I’ve never made fire. I’m really used to looks of disbelief. And I like having something to say.

  4. Julio Cortazar wrote ‘Todos los Fuegos del Fuego.’ It reminds me how fire can be happiness, warmth, passion, anger.

    Optimists and hypocrites tell me that ‘donde hubo fuego cenizas quedan.’ I want to hear it, but it’s not a good thing. My pockets are full of ash, my desk is full of ash, my couch is filled with ash. Damn fire.

    I knew two smokers in love. They broke up. Their discourse diminished to ‘tienes fuego?’ followed by a search for a lighter, a toss, a catch, and a vestigial flicker of the fire that used to be there, but is gone.

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