So, it’s over…a 100 words or so on our J-term adventure

From cutting and mapping drafts to “inhabiting music” exercises, from writing stranger studies to braided essays, we covered some kind of creative-nonfiction ground this month. You were game. Almost always game for whatever emerged in class or online, daring to write better than you had the day before, but also daring to write badly, and to share and to connect with one another and the world. What a privilege to travel among you, learning about who you are and how you write and what you think. I learned about myself, too, about my strengths and weaknesses as writer and mentor. I’ll miss the class time, but we have the blogs (and at least the 100-words play) to help us carry on with our writing, together, in ongoing reciprocal apprenticeships. Here’s to our continued writing adventures!


One Response

  1. Barbara, if our final piece is only text, does it have to be a braided essay?

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