Notes from our Grading Discussion, Plus an Idea

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We had an excellent discussion, I thought, about just how we will go about determining course grades. More thoughts? Questions?

The idea: What if we posted our 100-word entries as replies to the post setting the topic AS WELL as to our own blogs? That way we can have the pleasure of reading them all together, in quick succession. What say you?


6 Responses

  1. I think posting the 100 words on this blog as well as our own is a good idea. When i go to people’s blogs i end up looking at lots of different things and it makes it harder to compare the 100 word assignments. It’s interesting to see how each person interprets the topic and it would be cool to have them altogether on one post. 🙂

  2. Sure. Should we get all of the ones that we’ve already done on here, too, or just “snow” for now?

  3. Do we have to post our multimedia essay on our blog? Or can i bring it on a cd?

  4. Let’s do go back and post retroactively as well–maps, furniture, lightning, birds as well as snow and all the rest to come.

    Allie, you can bring in a CD. That’s fine.


  5. Ok thanks!

  6. Easier would be for us to just link to the topic post, so our posts will show up as trackbacks… 🙂

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