Monday’s 100-Word Topic

On this, Martin Luther King Day, Ashleigh gives us LIGHTNING as our topic.  Remember to tag your posts with “100 words: to make it easier for us to find your posts!


4 Responses

  1. A flash of light in the sky. Is that it? I always used to wonder about lightning. And thunder. I loved rain storms, especially on warm summer evenings. But thunder and lightning storms used to scare me, leaving me trembling in my bed at night. But what good did that do me? Why should i waste my time shaking and worrying about Mother Nature when there is absolutely nothing I can do about her choices in weather conditions? I guess it is better to get my sleep and not worry about the things I cannot change. Easier said than done…

  2. On a rainy April night, Mother Nature hastily draws shiny veins in the velvety almost surreal sky. They meet, kiss and cross to form shapes that dazzle with their intricacy. The mind is quick to identify what they resemble. For a brief second dancing bears, bloodthirsty vampires, and fire-breathing dragons coexist in the fairy tale that unfolds on the celestial screen. As they vanish, the marching entourage of some breath-takingly beautiful princess from a distant land takes their place. A blink of the eye and they are gone as well. Cuddled safely on the couch in my home, I watch.

  3. One. Take out your rubber mat.

    Two. Unroll it and lay it flat on the ground, avoiding open spaces.

    Three. Wear a rubber rain jacket and boots, and fold body into child’s pose, without physical contact with the ground.

    Four. Wait for the lightning storm to end.

    Five. Roll up your mat and take off your rubber rain jacket.

    Six. Skip around your island to warm up and dry off.

    Seven. Boil a pot of tea on your gas stove.

    Eight. Pour the beverage into a travel mug with a lid.

    Nine. Sip and observe the storm’s aftermath.

    Ten. Nap.

  4. […] Every once and a while our swim sessions would be cut short by megaphoned monotones warning of lightning so would everyone please exit the water immediately. Grudgingly we swam to the docks and hoisted […]

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