That the bookstore ran out of our books…

is probably a good sign that people are wanting to read contemporary creative nonfiction, but it certainly poses a problem for those of you without copies.  If it would help, I can bring my copies to the library this afternoon and put them on reserve (email me or leave a comment here).  Otherwise, please share with your small group!



5 Responses

  1. Quick question… Are the 10 Photos supposed to be of the same object portraying 10 different emotions?

  2. Not necessarily — you can decide whether you want it to be the same object. I sometimes make that a requirement, but not this time. If you want to make it a requirement for yourself, you go for it, Houdini!


  3. Yeah, putting them at the library would definitely help! I don’t think we can coordinate sharing… it gets too insane!

  4. Okay…I’m heading to the library now to put my copies on reserve.


  5. I’ve got In Short, and there’s another copy on the shelf at the bookstore. The other is coming in tomorrow they say…

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