Welcome to Contemporary Creative Nonfiction!

Hands Writing in Class

You’ve made it to The Motherblog! Here’s where we’ll gather when we’re not in class, connecting with one another and the world beyond Middlebury as we explore creative nonfiction expression. Each of you will set up a blog where you’ll post your experiments, discussions, reflections, musings and full-fledged works of creative nonfiction (we’ll create links to them from the righthand sidebar).

On this main collaborative space, we will all post questions, thoughts, observations and connections for the full group to consider and discuss. To get us started, I want to ask you to share your thoughts on why we, in twenty-first century, turn to creative nonfiction as readers and as writers. Tell us about creative nonfiction writers you read; tell us about the kinds of writing you do or would like to do and why. To respond, click on Comments.